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Razorcraft boats produce some of Australia’s finest fibreglass boats and are renowned for their high quality builds and performance on the water. The crisp, clean look of our boats are thanks to the ability to manufacture more complex hull shapes with things like bow flare, steps, and variable-degree deadrise. Razorcraft focuses on three (adding a fourth?) specialised models, each unique in style and function, and each designed and built to the highest standards to suit every customer’s individual boating needs and lifestyle.

Owner and head of design and construction of Razorcraft, Hary Bakkr has been in the boat building business for nearly 20 years. He began his journey working at a boat building company, and decided to venture out on his own to customise and repair boats for customers in various boat clubs. Originally the managing director of Hi Tech Fireglass Solutions, he seized the opportunity 5 years ago to take over the builds of the popular Cootacraft hulls. And so Razorcraft was born. 

Based in the north-west of Melbourne, Razorcraft is one of Australia’s leading boat builders and manufacturers of fibreglass composite boats.

Razorcraft boats are made for offshore conditions, with the fibreglass materials and construction exhibiting elevated resistance. The lightweight build and corrosion resistance combined with sleek, modern designs make for long-lasting high performance, speed, safety, and unfailing reliability.

Why Razorcraft

Fibreglass Construction

Custom Design

Built to Last

performance guaranteed

10 year warranty

Razorcraft boats are made of full composite materials including fibreglass, pvc foam cores, and thermolite.The use of composite means a good strength-to-weight ratios and durability, with the hull bottoms reinforced.

 Hulls are foam filled, making them one of the softest riding hulls on the market. The quality of the builds ensure a lifetime of rot-free boating, performance and peace of mind. High outboard activity, especially fishing, is a major driver for the demand of Razorcraft boats in Australia. Our boats will give you a smoother ride cruising to and from your favourite fishing grounds offshore and across open choppy bays.

Our models have been designed with performance in mind, we have obtained a balance between soft riding, rough water, and calm water performance for the optimal experience in a Razorcraft boat.

The benefits of owning a Razorcraft are endless. Our boats are built by hand and every inch of the boat models are cut and glassed in by hand. We quality control every single build, and use the best quality materials on the market.

Razorcraft sells worldwide, with New Zealand customers becoming the first international customers. Expansion of Razorcraft boats is inevitable in the future, and we are excited to showcase our boats to the world.

Our aim at Razorcraft is to continue to produce the most high quality and reliable performance boats across Australia through the workmanship, quality and years of boat building experience. 

After sale service is imperative to rounding out the ownership of a new Razorcraft boat. We guarantee the strength and durability of your boat with a 10 year structural hull warranty.  Subjected to rigorous testing, a Razorcraft boat will last a lifetime. Every Razorcraft boat is built by hand – guaranteeing strength and durability. 

Our range features the Coldfront, Gunshot, and Little Ram. Enquire today.

razorcraft coldfront boat on the water
razorcraft coldfront boat